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Metal Art by 3BG Metal Art - Stud, Mare and Colt

"Stud, mare & colt"
24"x 30"  $95

Metal Art by 3BG Metal Art -- Letters

12"  $15
24"  $60
47"  $175



At 3BG Metal Art, we pride ourselves on our quality metal products as well as our outstanding customer service.  As an American small business, we are able to provide you with customer service and attention that is second to none in this market.  When you place an order with 3BG you also have the security of knowing that you will receive the highest quality available. 


At 3BG Metal Art, your imagination is the limit.  We have thousands of designs in stock to suit you and your customer’s needs.  We are especially skilled at accommodating custom work.  There is no end to the possibilities at 3BG. 


At 3BG Metal Art, we offer a diverse line of products and services.  Some of our products include:

·        Metal Wall Art

·        Custom lettering

·        Custom made farm, ranch, business, and trailer signs

·        Industrial parts

·        Home Décor and Lawn & Garden decorations

·        Special events items such as wedding cake decorations and centerpieces

·        Religious art

·        Lamps and wall sconces and more


At 3BG, our customers are our livelihood.  We would like to have the opportunity to show you how important your business is to us.  Working with you, the possibilities are endless.

Our Guarantee

When you purchase items from 3BG Metal Art, you receive our guarantee that if you do not sell an item within 120 days of purchase, we will trade that item with other items of the same value.  For example, if you purchase a key rack for ten dollars and a candle holder for twenty dollars, and the candle holder sells but the key rack does not, you may trade in two key racks for another candle holder. 

We hope this guarantee shows you that when you do business with 3BG Metal Art, you will be taken care of with service that goes above and beyond for you.


Don Cantrell, Owner

Metal Art

contact us for custom art done by request.

Metal Art by 3BG Metal Art - End of Trail

"End of The Trail"
12"  $15
24"  $65
47"  $200


3BG Metal Art
6116 CR 120
Clyde, TX  79510

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